Bitnordex Public Offering

Initial coin offerings opened new ways for investors to support projects and ideas. Although these new financial concepts were revolutionary, they left potential investors with no legal equity in exchange for investment. Worse yet risk was offloaded to investors as many of these projects cast legal and regulatory measures aside with no forward thought to long-term value for investors.

Bitnordex is not satisfied with the status quo of the past, Not satisfied with minimal regard to investors. Not satisfied with simply issuing tokens that don’t represent real equity to our investors and, most importantly customers.

We ́re announcing something different.

Working with Euro Clear, Bitnordex is leading a legal, regulatory compliant investment platform to issue digital shares of equity. We are pioneering a regulation A offering of our own common stock. Should the offering go forward, this world-wide legal framework will go further than old ICO tokens and extend our customers potential to become actual owners of Bitnordex movement.

These equity shares would not follow the traditional guidelines of old paper stock certificates, rather each share would be represented digitally and secured by the Euro Clear, and in the near future on the Ethereum Blockchain, all managed through the new Bitnordex shares application.

This is one way we want to thank you for helping the planet exit the traditional financial system.